About Us

Proudly Canadian

At Marsix Solutions, we are driven by a singular mission: safeguarding communities through cutting-edge innovations. Our dedicated focus lies in pioneering advancements in disinfection and sanitation technology.

Our Story

In 2021, Marsix Solutions emerged from our family’s determination amid the uncertainties of the 2020 pandemic. Struggling like many, we focused on contributing to the public’s fight against the virus. Starting humbly in our homes and garages, we dedicated the past two years to researching, designing, and testing ideas. Collaborating with users and labs, we validated our technology, paving the way for our inaugural product, HydroSpark. Born out of resilience and late-night endeavors, it stands as our contribution to global viral mitigation efforts. And yes, a touch of Ironman inspiration fueled our journey during the lockdowns. Welcome to the story of Marsix Solutions, where innovation meets determination.

The Founders

Steve Mardero

The original

Mitchell Mardero

Mark I – Biggest brain

Greg Mardero

Mark II – Taller than these two

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