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Reserve the HydroSpark for
$199 USD

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Onboard Hypochlorous Acid Generation

The HydroSpark requires no sanitizers or disinfectants. The Hydrospark generates a high-purity Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) solution on demand. It requires only water, salt, and vinegar. The selected concentration will be generated as it is being sprayed, in the patent-pending flow-through system.  3

Active Generation

The patent-pending flow-through system generates the disinfectant as it is being applied. Ensuring the Hypochlorous Acid is fresh and in its optimal state.

Selectable Concentrations 3

Select a concentration of HOCL for the HydroSpark to generate. Users can generate HOCL in either the low, medium (200ppm), or high (300ppm) settings, depending on the surface or pathogen that is targeted.

Multipurpose 6

Hospital Grade Disinfectant, Broad spectrum, Food Contact Surface and Fungicidal

No PPE Required 6

Hypochlorous acid is classified as "Non-Hazardous" (category IV) by the EPA,

Low Cost 5

Uses water, salt and vinegar for HOCL generation. It costs only $0.05 to generate 4L of fresh HOCL in the HydroSpark.

Cover More with an Electrostatic sprayer

Turning on the electrostatic spray function will charge the spray droplets with a positive charge. Droplets will then be attracted to grounded or negatively charged surfaces. The spray will now wrap around objects for a more even coat, reducing the consumption of Hypochlorous Acid. 3 

LED Spot Light

High output of 100 Lumens

Misting Spray Nozzle

Dispensing generated Hypochlorous Acid in a 45 Micron spray

Electrostatic Charge

Imposes a positive electrostatic charge to the spray particles, for increased surface coverage

Air Assist

A high output fan, to increase spray distance and help improve coverage speed.

Just a Trigger

Squeeze me. Double squeeze me to keep me on indefinitely.

Save More

With HydroSpark, purchasing disinfectants becomes a thing of the past. Generate disinfectant on the spot.

$0.0 0 5

Cost Per 4 Liters

$ 0

Cost Per Year (1460 Liters / 385 Gallons)

Generic Hypochlorous Acid

$ 0

Cost Per 4 Liters

$ 0

Cost Per Year (1460 Liters / 385 Gallons)


Less Expensive

Than purchasing commercially available Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL).

Break-even in just

0 Months 4

Achieve More

The HydroSpark was designed with the user in mind. Surfaces can be disinfected efficiently and affordably. Spray longer without tiring yourself out.

Uninterrupted Cleaning

Refill the tank quickly and with ease, thanks to the magnetic lock.

In addition to recharging, the battery can be swapped out for non-stop action.

Boundless Portability

Take the Hydrospark anywhere. Use it as a backpack over stairs or when speed is needed. Or unlock the telescopic handle and roll your way to an effortless way to clean.

Smart Cleaning

2.8" Touch Screen

Featuring a simple interface for quick configurations and diagnostics


Easily switch on or off features that work for you and your environment

Input Monitoring

The pre-generated solution is monitored to ensure the HOCL concentration.

Self Cleaning

Automatic system cleaning and descaling. For consistent results that last.

Safe Generation

Auto stops generation when sensing an improper mixture of the pre-generated solution.

More Features

Low tank and battery level indicator, system prime, storage mode, and more.

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Technical Specifications

One HydroSpark sprayer (with battery), One battery charger (120v 60hz), Measurement tool for salt and vinegar, One portable PH meter, One 32oz dispensing container for mixing concentrate (makes up to 32L)

150Whr battery. 2-7 hours of continuous spraying.

Holds up to 4 Liters(3.05 Gallons), for 45 minutes of continuous spraying.

Recharges in 2.5 hours.

The recommended spray distance is 0.6-1.5 Meters (2-5 feet)

2.8" color capacitive touch screen

One year limited warranty. (extended warranties will be available prior to fulfillment)

Weighs approximately 18lbs (27lbs filled) / 8.2kg (11.8kg filled)

Approximately 0.4L / 0.18W / 0.55H (1.08H handle extended) Meters

16"L / 7"W / 22"H (42.5"H handle extended)

All photos and videos of the HydroSpark are of a prototype version or digital renderings of the pre-production model.
Final production models will vary in design and form, from the rendering and prototypes shown.
  1. Pre-Orders will receive  20% off the HydroSpark MSRP of $4,600 USD. Free shipping is available for the 48 contiguous States.
  2. Pre-Orders can be canceled anytime, and a refund will be made for the reservation amount paid, minus a $20 USD fee for processing.
  3. Concentration (ppm) is based on Free Available Chlorine (FAC), and accuracy is within 10% of set points.
  4. Based on the savings compared to using commercially available HOCL ($55/4L) at 4L/day and the HydroSpark sell price of $4,600 USD
  5. Cost of HydroSpark HOCL based on 4L of distilled water ($0.01) + 12g of salt ($0.01) + 16ml of 5% Vinegar ($0.01) + Electricity .15kWh. ($0.02) in USD
  6. Efficacy claims are made based on current lab testing results or published research. Claims are yet to be evaluated by the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency). Efficacy claims may be altered as lab testing continues. Customers will be notified prior to shipment of any changes to the efficacy claims once they are verified through further lab testing and registered through the EPA.
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